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the Natural World-PART 1

the North Fork of Long Island, N.Y.

2022 A.D.



the North Fork of Long Island, N.Y.

20,000 Years ago

Question: When could people first live on Long Island?

Answer: As soon as the ice retreated, animals, birds and fish could be hunted, there was fresh water and wood for fire.

Question: When was that exactly?

Answer: It happened gradually over eons of time. Understanding how humans find food, warmth, medicines, water, build homes, develop tools and weapons, make clothing and so forth is also the story of how the earth changes over time. Different resources create different patterns of human activity.

For example, after a glacier retreats the environment is very harsh. Over time, lichens begin to grow on rocks providing food for animals like caribou. Predators like wolves follow caribou herds and humans follow both species hunting them for meat and hides. Hunting big game like caribou or mastodon requires big stone tipped spears, like Clovis points. As time went by, the climate on Long Island warmed and the caribou headed north. Walnut, chestnut and beech trees established themselves and soon deer and turkey became abundant. Fishing became a reliable way to provide food. Big spears were traded for smaller weapons, harpoons, nets and fish hooks. As the climate changed so did the animals, plants and human ways of life.

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The Glacial Period

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