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Library of Alexandria 2.0

Historical Societies and Museums are now able to use a constellation of technologies to preserve their collections and stories. Thereby increasing their organizations exposure and availablity to the public.


The Library of Alexandria 2.0 is a digital archive containing images, books, videos, interviews, scholarly publications, maps and more. It spans many subject-areas and allows for the creation of many end-products. Those products can be virtual museums, 4th grade lessons, websites, interactive maps,

storymaps, videos, or print-on-demand-books.

User Interface 1.0

The boxes below represent a user interface that offers access to many collections and different viewer experiences. Click on Museum of the First People. The link will show how the basic set-up can be used as a template for any institution to use as an easy way to create their part of the Library. Alternatively, the boxes can be used as links to existing websites with no need to build anything new.

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