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First People's



Shane Weeks of the

Shinnecock Indian Nation

Eastern Long Island, N.Y.

Welcome to the First People's FilmWorks. Our mission is to tell the stories of our people that have been lost to history. Some of them were suppressed, and some were simply forgotten but all of them are important. Here now, through this platform and social media sites we will present the work of scholars, archeologists, tribal leaders, historians, Native history, music arts and people. Our purpose is to tell our history our way, for the first time.

History as you never heard it before.


Beneath the strip malls, houses, roads, parking lots and marinas lies an ancient world few know about. Before the European arrival, the Twin Forks was a Garden of Eden for the Native People. There was fresh water, seafood, deer and abundance everywhere. The people here were living healthy, rich lives for thousands of years.

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